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5 Effective and Proven Ways to Get Rid of Ticks and Fleas on Pets

5 Effective and Proven Ways to Get Rid of Ticks and Fleas on Pets

It is no fun activity to get rid of the ticks from your furry pets during the spring and summer times. These blood vampires are really gross to look at, they are fully loaded with your pet’s hard won blood, they are also very notorious and hard to dislodge, and they make sure you get up close and personal for them to get rid of. These buggers can cause some very serious issues if they are not left too long or not removed entirely. So, this article will enlighten you about keeping these gross bugs at bay this season with many flea treatment methods. Check out to know more.

  1. Spot on treatments

Using an OTC or over the counter spot on medication that you bought from the vet, pet supplies store or online, it is proven a very effective method when it comes to controlling both ticks as well as fleas. These medications are very effective is eradicating the bloody vampires for a month at least. As these medications are effective, you will still need to be quite cautious about which one are you going to use. Ensure that you give a read to all the labels carefully and if you have any queries, ensure to get an advice from your vet before you use it.

  1. Oral medications

Pills that are used one time in a month are readily available for dogs and cats. These meds can work to get rid of both the ticks as well as the fleas and it will disrupt the bugs’ life cycle as well. They are easy to give away and you will not have to worry about your kids coming into touch with the pets immediately after the medication, as you might want to when it comes to spot on treatments.

  1. Shampoos

When you bathe your pets with shampoos that consist of medicated elements will kill the ticks immediately on contacts. This is affordable yet a labor intensive means of shielding your pets against the peak tick seasons. You will need to implement and repeat this process often, about twice a month because the medicated ingredients inside the shampoo wouldn’t last as long as an oral or spot on medication.

  1. Tick dips

A dip refers to a concentrated chemical that should be diluted in water and then applied on your pet’s fur with the help of a sponge or poured over the back. This very flea treatment isn’t meant to be rinsed off just after the application. The chemicals used in the dips are quite strong in nature so ensure to give the labels a read before you use it. And always remember to not use these dips on very young animals at least under 4 months or for pregnant or nursing pets. Consult your vet before you treat the younglings, pregnant or nursing pets.

  1. Tick collars

Collars that keep away the ticks are another treatment you can use. But they are only useful for the neck area. The collar should be in touch with your pet’s skin to disperse the chemicals onto the dog’s fur and skin.

click for info on how the flea collar is effective because it protects all parts of the pet’s body, especially their neck which is often exposed to flea bites. It also deters fleas from biting your pet by making your pet undesirable to them.

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