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Everything You Need To Know About Feeding Your Pet

Everything You Need To Know About Feeding Your Pet

Ensuring that you feed your pet proper food is important. Not only will that ensure that your pet has enough energy for all its daily functions and exercise, it is also going to make sure that its brain functioning happens properly. A well balanced diet is also important for most animal’s development during the early stages of life. If you have just got your pet or even if you have been a pet-owner for a long time, knowing what adequate nutrition for it means is essential.

The best way to feed a pet is to feed it according to its life stage. If you have a dog or a cat, you will know that they have different nutrition needs according to their age. For very young puppies, three meals a day is a good idea because they are gaining weight fast. After 6 months of age, the growth slows down and you can feed it less food than before. Now your pet may actually require smaller and more frequent meals. That is why feeding it according to its own unique needs is the best thing you can do to guarantee proper nutrition.

The right method of feeding

As a pet-owner, it pretty much depends on you what method of feeding works best for your pet. Some owners realise that a ‘’free feeding’’ routine works best for them. This basically means that a bowl of food is left out for the pet and the pet decides when to eat and how much to eat. This is a great option for dry food because it does not get bad as fast as wet food. If this is the type of routine you want for your pet, it is best to choose a dry variety of pet food from a high-quality brand.

Another method is schedule portioned feeding. This basically means that you have set scheduled mealtimes for your pet and you serve it a particular portion of food for every meal. This works great for owners who can stick to schedules and for pets that need to have medications mixed into their food. It is also a wonderful way of ensuring caloric restriction on your pet and keep it clean. When you do this regularly, it will know what times to expect meals and it will develop a routine of its own. Visit here to know more about what method of feeding may suit your pet best.

Home-cooked food

Many pet-owners think that home-cooked food is a perfectly fine option for their pets. But is it so? Most veterinarians suggest that home-cooked food meant for consumption by people is best avoided for pets. This is because such food will not contain all the nutrients and minerals one’s pet may need for proper health. It is just not possible for your furry baby to get the nutrition it needs if it is eating the same meals as you are. That is why a high-quality brand of packaged pet food is your best choice.

Natural ingredients are the best

The best thing you can choose for your pet is a high-quality feed that contains meat, fish and other natural ingredients and is free of preservatives, flavourings and additives. It is everything you need to ensure that your pet is healthy and active. If you have a dog, then never choose a feed that contains anything other than meat as its very first ingredient. A no-grain feed is best for it.

Pointers when choosing pet food

Here are some quick pointers for pet-owners:

  • Choose whether to use dry or wet food because both options are available with most quality brands.
  • Choose which meat to give your pet. Great options are fish, chicken, duck and turkey.
  • If you are a cat-owner, know that your pet is very finicky about the smell and odour that emanates from its food. That is why choosing a brand of food that takes this into consideration is important. Also, free feeding is usually the choice for cat-owners.
  • Compromising on the quality of pet food can result in disease and malnutrition.

Choose well and enjoy your pet being in the pink of health.