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Tips for Getting Your Dog Comfortable With a Hair Dryer

Tips for Getting Your Dog Comfortable With a Hair Dryer

Dogs can get uneasy in different environments. The noise and just the way a hairdryer looks may intimidate your faithful friend. You need to slowly build confidence in your dog to make sure he understands that a hairdryer isn’t a cause for concern. Here are some tips to help get your dog comfortable with a hairdryer.

Let Him Sniff It

Before you use any dog grooming dryers, put one in front of your dog and let him examine it. Dogs become familiar with things by smelling them and looking at them. They try to find out the intent.

It’s the same thing when a new person comes to your home, and your dog checks him out to make sure everything is safe. When he gets closer to the item and has a calm demeanor, don’t be afraid to give him a doggy treat.

It could make it a more comfortable situation, and the dog will associate the dryer with a positive thing.

Use a Low Setting

You can point the nozzle of the hairdryer and put the setting on low. Dogs are sensitive to loud noises, and this may shock them or make them angry. Slowly bring on the hairdryer and don’t turn it up too hot.

Gradually use the hairdryer on fewer sensitive parts of the fur. This way, your dog can relax, and you can talk him through the process. Consider what your dog likes and dislikes.

Look at his facial expression and body language to tell whether or not you can begin to turn up the dryer. You want to do this a few times to make things easier to do down the road. Once you get him used to the dryer, you can groom him a few times a week.

Massage Your Dog

There’s nothing like a dog getting its belly or back of the ears rubbed. It’s a relaxing feel to them and shows them you care. Do this before and after using the dog hair fan. They’ll start to look at the dryer as a pamper day.

You can make this a bonding session where you both have some quality time. You can create an atmosphere that your dog enjoys and get it in a great mood.

It takes time to build your dog’s trust when it comes to using a hairdryer. Look at how it responds and take it from there.