Sunday 19 May 2024
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Save A Dog’s Life, Adopt!

Save A Dog’s Life, Adopt!

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how many dogs exist on the streets, dogs that have no roof over their heads and survive on scraps given to them by strangers on the road. Millions of stray dogs suffer from a lack of food, health, and shelter, if not apart from being abused and mistreated. This is intimately related to the crossing and sale of these animals since each dog born for sale takes away the opportunity for a stray to occupy a place in a home.

Pedigree dogs are still living beings that deserve to be treated with respect, and the fact is that the tremendous number of dogs we find in pet stores or online sales come from cruel breeders or animal trafficking. Kennels are places where females are exploited and forced to get pregnant to satisfy the demand. Often, the dogs they use to reproduce constantly have no medical care, are mistreated, and the vast majority are crossbred between relatives to “preserve the breed,” leading to developmental problems that interfere with the quality of life of the puppies.

Although some breeders align themselves to specific parameters, many do not even take the minimum care with the puppies, not allowing them to comply with their minimum lactation time or vaccinate them.

The selective crossbreeding of puppies has also generated that many breeds have diseases, since apparently only the physique of the breeds is essential, regardless of their state of health and quality of life. For example, brachycephalic breeds such as pugs or bulldogs have severe respiratory and cardiac problems. On the other hand, very few reach old age, and those that do, because of constant visits to the veterinarian and with a lot of care. Likewise, many other breeds are predisposed to severe pathologies, thanks to people who value an animal’s life more for its appearance.

In animal shelters, like I love dogs Houston, you can find a great variety of dogs. There are puppies, adults, very active, friendly with children, whatever you need in a canine companion, be sure you will find it. Many people think that you will only find mongrel dogs in an animal shelter, but this is a myth, a significant amount of purebred dogs are abandoned by their owners and need a home.

In I love dogs Houston, you can find a dog that fits your personality; one of the significant advantages of adoption centers is that you can meet the animals before and see for yourself with which one you have a real connection to take home with you, you will discover that when adopting a dog love, at first sight, is real.

Another advantage of adopting a dog instead of buying it is that you will not have to worry about the initial health costs such as vaccination, deworming, and sterilization; most animal shelters deliver them with these measures. In addition, in I love dogs Houston, they make sure that the dog is in optimal health conditions before being adopted.

Most of the dogs that are up for adoption were previously in situations of abandonment, lived in the street, or suffered mistreatment; therefore, when you open the door of your home and make them part of your family, you allow them to have the life they deserve in a stable home full of love and care. The fact that many dogs have been raised on the streets or come from an abusive family does not mean that they are violent, do not know how to behave, or love you less, on the contrary. In animal shelters, they encourage the recovery of dogs so that they can trust people again; they go through socialization training so that they learn to interact with humans and other animals.

Adopting a dog is a way to combat animal abuse; you help reduce the number of abandoned pets, free up space in the shelter so that other dogs can receive help, and offer them better-living conditions.

Besides, when you adopt, you are helping the dog you take home; thanks to your action, you contribute to free space in the shelter, that place can be occupied by another dog that needs help to find a home.