Tuesday 16 July 2024
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How to Build a Dog Run

How to Build a Dog Run

As a dog owner, you always think about for your dog to run around and play. You definitely don’t want your dog to ruin the plants in the garden or tumble over the pots that you have painstakingly planted. Taking them to the park every day for a stroll may not be an option for you either. You need a place for them to stay when you have guests come over to your house or any other reason when you need your dog to stay separate for some time. You should buy a dog run for your pet or if you can build one for it. Here is how you can create a small space for your dog.

Pre – Preparations and Planning:

  • Pick a place according to the size of your dog. You need to consider the breed, height of the dog, the size of the dog, etc. Do you have more than one dog?
  • What are the specifics that your dog likes or plays with? Once you understand the needs of the dog you will be able to pick the place accordingly. If you make it big enough to constitute a small kennel too then it is a boon for your furry pet. Water and food bowls, toys etc. can all be added to this small dog house. This will also help in shading your dog when there are sudden climate changes especially rain.
  • Climatic conditions of the place you stay in also need to be considered. For instance, if you belong to a cold place then your dog wouldn’t be bothered by playing in the sun. However, places where the sun is always bright and the temperatures are high then you need to pick a shady place for the dog run.
  • The material that you wish you construct the dog run with. The most used materials to build the frame are bars, metal pipes, and It is up to you to construct a free-standing structure or add more durability to it by cementing the frame to the ground.
  • The fencing can be of any kind. While durability is an important element here it should also be high enough for your dog to stay contained in it and not jump over.

Basic Guideline on Building a Do Run:

  • Rid the area where you have to build the dog run of grass using a garden tool and loosen up the soil.
  • Framing the area requires digging and placing the fence posts. The frame should have a gate.
  • Use wood to frame the area and then use the filling to cover the space. You can use gravel, mulch or concrete. The last option will make a sturdy frame for the dog run.
  • Depending on the material you are using to the fence – metal or wood, finish the fencing process. Thin wires will have to be nailed into their place.
  • Adding a roof is the last part. You can use tarp or metal sheets to make a roof. Even a wooden dog house or maybe one made with bricks can be constructed in the dog run area.

Those who are short on time and prefer to buy a dog run then simply look up the internet by typing dog run for sale. You can buy one according to your budget.