Sunday 19 May 2024
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10 Signs It is Time to Change your Dog’s Collar

10 Signs It is Time to Change your Dog’s Collar

When was the last time you got that collar for your dog?

I know the most difficult thing about having a pet is that he can’t tell you when it is time to change his dog food company or the collar he wears around his neck. You are the one who has to understand it and decide. Therefore, you have to learn about the signs that prove it is time to change things for your beautiful paw-friend.

Just like there are certain things that dogs do to make you realize they have started disliking the dog food brand they have been quietly having all this while, there are signs that prove it is time to change their collar as well. Here is the list that’s going to surprise you:

  • The collar looks dirty: If the collar looks ugly, you’ve got to do something about it. If washing or cleaning it doesn’t work, time for a new collar!
  • The collar is almost broken: Is the collar broken? What more can you do than buying a new collar for your dog?
  • Your dog keeps scratching his neck: Probably your dog is uncomfortable with the material of the collar now. This may happen all of a sudden also.
  • Your dog feels uneasy when you make him wear a specific collar: If your dog behaves weirdly when you put a specific collar around his neck, buy another one for him.
  • You have started disliking the color of the collar: If you don’t like the collar of your dog anymore, pick the one that you like.
  • The collar was brought a year ago: It is good to change the collar every year.
  • No one can read the tags anymore: If the tag is not readable anymore, you might want to check a brand new collar for your beautiful friend.
  • Your dog has started disliking the collar: How does your dog behave when you tie his old collar around his neck? Does he dislike it? If he does, buy him the one he likes..
  • The collar doesn’t fit your dog anymore: With age, you might have to change the collar for your dog.
  • The collar stinks: Does the collar stink? Does cleaning it help? Are you embarrassed when your friends come over and complain about your dog’s stinking collar? Get a new one from Genuine Collars!