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What are the advantages of ozone therapy in a dog tank?

What are the advantages of ozone therapy in a dog tank?

The advantages of ozone hydromassage and ozone therapy in tubs for dogs are many. Let’s see them together and try to understand why it is recommended.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone treatment in a dog tank is a a therapy established on the exploitation of the usefulness of ozone and oxygen : these airs in truth stimulate the renewal of the animal’s tissues, favoring the comeback procedure and developing the cellular safety procedures, working as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The disinfectant properties of the gas also favor cellular regeneration : for this reason it is very suitable for animals suffering from dermatitis, seborrhea, skin irritations, malasezia, pyoderma, redness, itching and dandruff Orlando FL Mobile groomers

Thanks to the antiseptic properties, ozone therapy also reduces the risk of transmission of diseases and infections caused by bacteria and fungi. Since the proliferation of germs and bacteria has harmful consequences for the coat, ozone therapy will also bring benefits to the coat , making it shinier and more resistant Pet grooming in Orlando Fl

As early as 1900 this technique was used to treat gangrene and very serious wounds from gunshot or stab wounds, achieving moderate success especially during the Great War. Later it was applied for the treatment of various human pathologies, related to poor blood circulation, skin diseases and gastro-intestinal disorders. Given the beneficial results , the transition from man to dog has therefore arrived in a short time.

How does ozone therapy work?

The bactericidal power of ozone is positively influenced by humidity and water: the purer the water, the more marked this bactericidal action is. For this reason, ozone therapy cannot be separated from the use of water and the ozone hydromassage turns out to be a panacea for the well-being of your dog .

Grooming performed with ionized running water is a natural, safe and effective treatment as antibacterial, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory. The ozonized running water gives shine to the hair and makes it particularly soft, loosens knots, accelerates tissue regeneration processes, stimulates healing and speeds up the healing processes from skin irritations, redness, itching and dandruff.

General, individual and individual scissor cuts are made according to your wish, and cuts according to breed standards.

The scissor cut is suitable for any type of breed and size of animal, because it is a cut that is carried out only to adjust the length of the hair and to thin out the masses of excess hair that could hurt the animal and also cause some infections.

The size of the coat is chosen according to the owner’s tastes, who can decide whether to leave the coat long, medium or short.