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Tips on keeping your dog clean

Tips on keeping your dog clean

Dogs are probably the most trusted companions an individual can have. Known as the first friend of mankind, dogs bring a new vibe of joy in everyone’s lives. They always take care of their masters, and there are many instances to prove this claim. Dogs are known for providing many benefits other than companionship. For example, spending more time with dogs can alleviate stress levels and improve resistance to allergies.

However, our responsibilities also imply taking care of them at every point. The most important part of caring for your dog is cleaning them. Our canine friends generally tend to skip bath time, but we have to pay attention to bathing them. Bathing dogs at frequent intervals is highly essential for keeping their skin and coat healthy. So, let us explore some of the helpful tips for bathing your dog.

Motivate your doggo to take a bath!

The first mention among tips for bathing your dog is to encourage positive association. If your dog does not like bathing, then it would be a bad idea to force them into it every time you bathe them. Therefore, a positive association is necessary to help your pet canine become comfortable with bathing. The most basic approach to encourage positive association involves the use of toys, treats, and affection while bathing your dog.

It’s not a one-time thing! You need to use positive association every time you give a bath to your dog, and they behave properly. For example, you can give treats to your canine companion every time they come to the bathtub without any fuss. You have to practice this again and again, and after a point of time, your pooch will come for a bath even if you do not give any treat.

Always be clear on the basics

Another tip for bathing your dog properly is to take a note of the basics for bathing dogs. For example, you could learn about the frequency at which you shall give a bath to your dog. Unlike us, dogs do not need a shower every day! However, it is important to consult a veterinarian and find out the time gap between two baths for your doggo. The environment of your canine pet and their coat type are two important factors which determine the frequency of bathing them.

For example, most dogs can do with a bath every month. However, dogs with an oily coat such as the Basset Hound could need a bath every week. On the other hand, there are many breeds which require much less frequent baths. For example, short-haired breeds having smooth coats such as Beagles do not need baths frequently. Golden Retrievers and other breeds which have water-repellent coats do not need frequent baths because they have to safeguard natural oils in their skin.

Take the necessary precautions

You should always make an effort to know all there is to bathe your dog properly. A closer look at different precautions while bathing your canine pet can go a long way in helping both you and your pet. You should always brush your dog before bathing them because matted hair could irritate their skin.

Earplugs or cotton balls help keep away water from entering a dog’s ears while bathing. The recommended suggestion for bathwater for dogs is to keep it lukewarm. Since the skin of dogs is highly sensitive, hot water can cause serious troubles. Most important of all, you should always keep a calming and soothing voice while talking to them during a bath.

Try some of the dry alternatives

If your doggo is not so fond of bathing, then you can try other ways to keep dogs clean without bathing. For example, you can use a dry shampoo made of cornstarch and baking soda. It’s quite simple as you can massage this powder on your dog’s coat with the help of a towel. Commercial dry shampoo for dogs is a great product if you give it a try.

Pet wipes are also a great alternative if you want to keep your dog clean without a bath. These wipes work the same as baby wipes and give a lot of benefits in warding off strong odors from your pup’s body. A reliable brush can also help in taking care of grooming for your dog. It can help in maintaining the health of your dog’s skin and coat by keeping them free from any allergens and dirt.

Closing words

Now, you could be able to take care of bathing your dog easily! Just follow the precautions mentioned above, and you can give your doggo healthy and clean skin and coat. It’s worth the effort, but everything is for the love of your dog!