Sunday 19 May 2024
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Pet Portrait Artists: Job Overview And Income Options

Pet Portrait Artists: Job Overview And Income Options

Are you an artist but do not want to waste your art for selling free portraits? Are you good at painting but don’t know how to use your skills to make a living? Are you also bored in the Quarantine and want to earn extra income simply by using your art and talent? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Did you know that there many rich people out there who are ready to pay use amount of money simply if you make a painting, or rather a good painting of their most lovely pets? These people will pay you a very high price to paint their pet and bring you more customers regarding the same.

What are pet portrait artists?


The pet portrait artists are simply the particular type of artists who use their art and skills to draw out and paint people’s pets’ paintings. The market for pet portrait artists is growing at a very fast pace. With more and more people opting for pets rather than kids and treating their animals as a part of their own family, the culture of making the portraits of their pets, no matter if it is a cat or dog, a cow or a horse or even wild animals in some cases like that of the Arabs, the pet portrait painting industry has seen significant growth especially during this time of worldwide lockdown due to covid-19.

How much income do pet portrait artists make?

According to the latest survey in the United States, it was found out that at least 68% of the US population is a pet owner. There are thousands and millions of people around the globe who not only treat their pets as royalty but even happily spend tens and thousands of dollars and euros on their comfortable living, food, and other necessities.

Did you know that, if we talk exclusively about the US pet and pet portrait artists market, about 70 Billion Dollars per year are spent by the Americans only on their furry friends? So if you are thinking of starting or making a career as a pen portrait artist, then I must tell you that you are not taking the wrong decision, my friend. If we look at the facts and figures, I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that pet portrait artists will be one of the highest-paid types of artists in the whole world in the coming years. You can earn millions and even billions of money in this field if you choose it as a major career.

Ever since the existence of animals and humankind and the evolution of the relationship between both, people have loved their speechless animals more than even their own family and friends, and in such a situation spending great amounts of money on getting the handmade portrait of them by reputable pet portrait artists is no big deal for the pet owners. Therefore, if you wish to be one, then go ahead and show the world your talents!