Sunday 19 May 2024
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Matt Davies Harmony Communities Gives You Free Canine Training Tips

Matt Davies Harmony Communities Gives You Free Canine Training Tips


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, a well-trained dog can become a good friend and companion. However, it is important to use the correct training techniques to develop a deeper bond with your dog. For instance, it is recommended you avoid using outdated scientific or dominance dog training techniques and only focus on training techniques that reward good behavior since it is much more effective.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few canine training tips you can follow:

  1. Clicker training tips – Clicker training is incredibly effective because you can teach your dogs to recognize and associate the unmistakable sound of the ‘click’ as a positive outcome. Thus, unlike the human voice which can be interpreted differently by dogs based on the situation or the tone, it doesn’t cause any confusion.

It is best to introduce the clicker by following up the click sound with a treat so that your dog starts to anticipate the reward. It is a good habit to click quickly after your dog does what it was instructed to do to effectively train them. However, ensure you don’t click before the action since you want it to become a reward instead of a bribe.

Also, make sure you only click once and follow it up with vocal enthusiasm since multiple clicks can cause confusion. It is also important to reward behaviors such as come or stay even when you didn’t ask them

  1. Treat training tips – Treat training is one of the popular dog training techniques since it is so simple to perform and so effective. All you need to do is command your dog to perform an action and then treat them when they fulfill your request correctly. Additionally, it also helps to associate the training and commands with positive feelings and develop a stronger bond between the owner and the dog.

However, it is important to have tools such as a dog treat pouch so that you can reward them quickly as timing is essential. Furthermore, you have to be consistent since dogs learn by repetition. Finally, ensure you prevent overfeeding your dog since it can lead to unwanted weight gains or treat gains.

  1. Hand signal training tips – Hand signal training is an effective way to train dogs with hearing impairment since it relies on visual cues. In fact, you can even combine them with vocal cues or clicker training to make them more effective.

However, ensure you keep your hand motions simple and quick so that it is easier to train your dogs. Also, make sure you choose a single hand signal per word just like when you use vocal commands. Finally, always ensure that you start with eye contact to minimize the likeliness of distractions.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests you start training your puppy using a suitable method as soon as you bring them home. Also, ensure that you remain patient during the training period since it can take multiple months for dogs to become fully trained.