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Important Things to Look Out for Before Investing in Guinea Pig Cages

Important Things to Look Out for Before Investing in Guinea Pig Cages

Pets bring a lot of joy to your life and empower you. Whether it’s a goldfish or a dog, having a pet is a great responsibility that offers the benefits of companionship in tough moments, but it can also be a challenge. Nevertheless, one of the easiest and most accessible pets to own is a guinea pig.

These complex and social animals don’t require a lot of attention and effort like dogs. However, you must invest in their safety and health. One of the investments you must make is choosing a cage. So, you need to invest in the right coroplast cage to guarantee their safety and comfort. It would help if you also were well-informed before getting one.

Reasons to Have a Guinea Pig as Your Pet

Guinea pigs are among the first animals kept by humans. There is some evidence that people started domesticating them more than 50 centuries ago in South America’s Andes Mountains. Guinea pigs are active and intelligent animals that can live in complex social groups. Besides, they look beautiful, and this is the reason many people want them.

The animals don’t require too much attention like fish, and they don’t have to be walked like dogs. However, they need a good coroplast cage that offers them adequate distractions. These cages come with a flat floor where you can add your bedding. Since the ammonia in the urine can be harmful, it’s important to clean the cage frequently.

You need to pay attention to the size of the coroplast cage. These animals are super active, and they require a lot of distractions for better health. So, cage size is important for their growth.

Consider Their Social Structures

These days, domesticated guinea pigs aren’t found in the wild, being completely reliant on humanitarian assistance for their survival. Nevertheless, their animal instincts are present, and they tend to be comfortable when they are together. Therefore, take them in groups if you want to keep guinea pigs. These tiny social animals do well in groups of 5. The coroplast cage you’re considering should sufficiently accommodate all of them. Besides, the accessories you can include inside the cage are important. Since they are pre-animals, they require hiding spots to retreat whenever they feel threatened. You don’t want them to feel stressed since this is dangerous. They need movement, and a hamster wheel might be a perfect way to keep your furry companion busy.

Final Word: Guinea Pigs Can Be the Perfect Pet for You

Choosing the right coroplast cage is the only important thing to pay attention to when looking for guinea pigs. These cages come in different colors and sizes, and their food can be diverse. They might not be smart as your dog or as fun as a cat, but these animals are cute and low-maintenance alternatives for anyone who needs a pet but lacks free time to play with them.

However, simplicity is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and you need to get a café that offers your pet sufficient space to move around.