Sunday 19 May 2024
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How to become a happier person?

How to become a happier person?

Happiness is the essence of life. It’s unfortunate, though, to witness the way humans are deprived of happiness despite having all privileges. This is quite pathetic for a species that calls itself the most intellectual. Most humans being, despite carrying huge educational qualifications and money, don’t know how to be happy. It means there is something fundamentally wrong with their perception of life. The following abstracts throw more light on this matter.

Serve to be compassionate

A person in service is never unhappy. Here the service talked about is not about a day-to-day job; rather, the service that offered out of compassion or fulfillment. In modern times, people are getting so much goal-oriented that there is no room for compassion in their hearts. This is making them insensitive towards life. Someone functioning being insensitive is very much like a machine; it gets stressed very soon.

Similar is the case about humans as well. A human working insensitively only for personal goals makes him/her always witness the lack. The effort they put is not about enthusiasm but greed. On the other hand, someone serving out of compassion or love can work tirelessly without any glimpse of unhappiness. Learning this quality is extremely important to be happy.

Value people more than assets

Unfortunately, the reverse is true for modern-day society. People are using humans and interacting with gadgets. Such tendencies are all about paying unwanted significance to the materialistic or sensual joy. The problem is that such joy turns in to anxiety and addiction when the senses or concerned organs get tried.

Meanwhile, a precious relationship or human is lost. This leads to loneliness, followed by drugs, alcohol, etc. Now one must understand what should be given more prominence and what not. How to replace the time that was being devoted to gadgets? The following points can be handy.

  • Exercise more; enjoy the workout.
  • Don’t miss the family dinner.
  • Pay time for your hobbies and children (if you have).
  • Do some social work.
  • Meditate.

Be genuinely humorous

Absolutely ridiculous perceptions are there among some humans that being humorous makes them insignificant in society. Even if they crack a joke, they seriously want people to appreciate it. In short, there is no genuineness in their humor; rather, they do this to maintain a certain personality. These disastrous psychiatric symptoms, unfortunately, are not yet recognized diseases.

These people are mostly not hugely successful. Any prominent personality, politicians, even the business tycoons, carrying immense load are fun-filled by nature. Perhaps, if they were taking their positions too seriously, they wouldn’t be so successful. One must take the responsibility seriously; not the personality.

Show gratitude

There is no other way to relieve stress than being grateful for the abundance that life offers for humans. No other species on this planet is as privileged as the humans. Once this aspect gets concrete in someone’s mind, he/she can never become a victim of depression, sorrow, or any negativity. However, competitive life teaches human beings to grab as much as possible.

It has become a perception that the more you complain, the more intellectual you are. This makes people get a dip into problems rather than finding a solution. On the other hand, someone fulfilled about life with gratitude in the heart would enthusiastically love to serve for betterment on all aspects.