Sunday 19 May 2024
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CBD for Dogs Guide to Pet Parents

CBD for Dogs Guide to Pet Parents

As a pet parent, your dog’s health is very important. In a world full of varied opinions regarding what is best for your pooch, CBD oil stands out. It is quickly gaining popularity among veterinarians who prescribe CBD oil products for various conditions. There are a lot of questions that pet owners have concerning the use of CBD oil for dogs with some of them being addressed in this article.

CBD is a legal substance derived from hemp plant that is used for treatment and supplementation purposes. CBD products for both pets and human do not contain THC which is the component that induces unpleasant psychoactive effects but are popular for being able to:

  • Calm The Dogs

CBD oils have been used in dogs to calm them down. When your pet is subjected to situations that are uncomfortable or unfamiliar he will tend to tense up and lose his usual glamour. Giving him CBD for dogs has been observed to bring about relaxation even to the most stressed out pup.

  • Reduce Epileptic Attacks

CBD oils for dogs can be administered to dogs suffering from epilepsy.  It has been used to reduce the number of seizures and lengthen the time between fits. CBD oils have been used where it seemed the epilepsy is drug-resistant therefore offering a wonderful substitute.

  • Relief Pain

CBD is used effectively on pooches who need relief from pain.  Pain can be from injury, arthritis or back pains.  CBD targets particular pain receptors in the body making it an effective solution for inflamed parts of the dog’s body.

  • Help With Digestion

CBD works wonders for a dog’s digestive system.  It helps reduce nausea that may be associated with the disease or other medication which in turn improves the dog’s appetite. CBD is also used to suppress irritable bowel disease which is a very common disease among dogs.

CBD oil for dogs has been prescribed for dogs with stress and anxiety, arthritis, seizures, muscle spasms, and back pain. This is because, when ingested,  it targets particular cannabinoid receptors which are responsible for how dogs perceive pain, stress, and nausea. There are other facts that you need to know about CBD oil for your dog in order to enjoy the maximum benefits. These include:

Time Frames

CBD oils, when kept closed in airtight containers may stay up to a year while refrigerated. In terms of expulsion in the body after ingestion, it is not yet known after how long CBD will start to work nor the amount of time it lingers in the body afterward.

Interaction With Other Drugs

CBD can be used effectively alongside other dog medication.  However, you should not stop using other medication such as antibiotics just because you have started to give your dog CBD oil since it does not have antibiotic functions for example. In such a case, CBD oil will function only as a supplement. Always seek guidance from the veterinarian before making such decisions.


The most common way to give a dog the CBD oils is orally usually in suspension form. Drops of the oil can also be sprinkled into their food. However, much thought has been put into designing dog treats that deliver the CBD oils in a palatable form. The treats are not only affordable but come in different dosages and flavors. Some of the brands have even gone an extra mile to fortify the treats with vitamins and essential minerals. You can access these products online or at select pet stores.


Be careful about products which appear to be too good on the internet as they may be disappointing. Due to the rising demand for CBD products, some funny people may set up gimmicks meant to misdirect you. When buying these products online, always make sure to read the reviews section to read what other users have to say. Purchase CBD oils from credible dealers with whom you can take up complaints.

If in doubt whether the CBD oils for dogs actually work, then hop on over to web search engines and discover the numerous testimonials of pet parents who swear by the unconventional medication.  You will also find it that scientists have carried out many studies regarding the use of CBD for dogs and the results are quite promising. CBD has effectively been proven to alleviate the pet’s hurting and suffering without causing further organ damage to the kidney and liver like conventional medicine.

Further studies into how CBD oils can be more beneficial continue to be carried out in order to cater holistically for the dog’s needs. This will make the oils even more enticing to the pet parents and of greater benefit to the friendly pets.