Tuesday 16 July 2024
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3 Reasons why there might be a need to give your cat CBD oil

3 Reasons why there might be a need to give your cat CBD oil

No evidence has been proven that CBD might be harmful to be given as a CBD cat treats or for use by humans. The FDA in 2018 approved the medicine that is hemp-derived for treatment for children suffering from epilepsy. That needs to say something regarding its safety for use by pets.

According to recent studies, they have concluded that it is safe for dogs and cats to use CBD treats. And thus, if you already use them for fun times with your pets, rest assured that the CBD is safe but they do have a calming effect.

You have to know that, you cannot just give the CBD oil which is formulated for humans to your cats especially the one containing the ingredients that are human-centric.  There are various reasons why cat owners are now using CBD. Because they have mild side effects with a lot of benefits it has various uses. But the most common reasons include inflammation, anxiety, cognitive decline, and pain.


Most owners of cats and holistic veterinarians do prefer CBD in treating anxiety in cats. According to the evidence available, the CBD does have an effect that is quite calming on mammals which including pets and humans. That could be because of the way the CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system, various receptors distributed in the nervous system. CBD has a related benefit for insomnia relief.


Most owners with old cats that have arthritis say that the CBD has palliative effects. While it cannot be marketed for treating the disease, it might show promise as a way of managing the symptoms. You have to ensure that you avoid any artificial colors while administering non-psychoactive, all-natural CBD to the old cat.


The CBD might be having a great soothing effect that happens on the nervous system and might show great results to manage pain. While it doesn’t make the pain completely disappear, it works by reducing the response of the brain to the stimulus.


CBD treats go beyond the kibble for your cat daily, but they can also be a great way for you to bond with your cat. Whatever your cat might be struggling with, chances are that the CBD treats might have the effect which you are looking out for.